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​Why Your Office Needs an Open Plan Office Design


An office designed with an open plan maximizes the use of large rooms and open spaces, and at the same time decreases the use of smaller, enclosed spaces. For many years, offices were designed in a way to create an assigned space for each person, and employees were closed behind office doors or hidden behind cubicle walls. But, researchers have found that these stuffy work environments stifle employee creativity and productivity, and a change in floor plan design can have a direct impact on the happiness and satisfaction of your employees.

Advantages of Open Spaces in the Office

When an office is designed to be open, it increases communication and collaboration among all of the employees in the area. People can easily talk with other team members, and it helps to build the rapport and friendship among employees. This open communication makes it easier for ideas to flow, which helps boost the creativity of everyone participating in the conversation.

Better efficiency can be gained in an open office environment, because the lighting can naturally flow from one workspace to the next. Additionally, it is possible to accommodate staff in an optimal way, since the layout is not limited to a specific number of offices.

How Mobile Technology Has Impacted Office Design

One element that you should consider is a flexible office space, which allows employees to easily move around the office as they desire. Mobile technology has made it possible to free an employee from the need to sit in their cubicle all day long, because they can use laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access files and manage communication from any location.

Because of the options for mobile technology, some offices are now implementing design features that encourage employees to move around. Desks, standing work stations, couches, conference tables, and other types of furniture create a variety of options to accommodate the varying preferences of individuals who are working in the office.

Creating an Effective Open Office Design

Important elements of an effective open office design should include a layout with desks and tables, which are broken up with the inclusion of gathering areas and soft seating. When employees are tired of staring at the computer screen and they need a break to brainstorm ideas for a new project, a group can naturally gather on couches or soft chairs. This change in environment can boost their creativity and they can stretch and change positions, helping them to feel more comfortable throughout the day.

An open office desk system should be dynamic, in order to accommodate the needs of changing technology and seemingly endless power cords. The desks should be setup in a way that allows collaboration and communication, without the disruption of being too close and infringing on shared space.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to include movable desk chairs that swivel and are designed to accommodate a variety of work solutions. These chairs need to provide proper ergonomic support and comfort at the same time.

Making the Change

As you can see, there are many benefits to an open plan office design, and your employees will be happy with the new work environment. As a result of this design change, you will notice an increase in employee creativity and collaboration.

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