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​Visitor Lounge Chairs to Wow Your Clients When They Walk in the Door


When a client walks through the door of your office building, their first impression of the company is set based on the decor and furniture in the front lobby of the building. This area is typically the location where visitors sit while they are waiting for an appointment, and you want to make sure that your lobby design leaves a lasting impression in their mind.

Out With the Old, In With the New

One of the first things to get rid of is old furniture, because it will send the wrong message about your company. You don't want a client to walk through the door to see beat-up furniture or outdated reception desks that have obviously been sitting there for awhile. Old furniture tells the customer that your business is stuck in the past, instead of looking forward to the future.

Instead of having your clients cringe when they are ready to sit in a chair that is scuffed up and dirty, the goal is to spark their curiosity with a chair that is so unique that they want to sit down to try out the chair. Modern designs set the tone to make your clients see that you are the leader in the industry, which increases the trust relationship between the client and your company.

Get rid of the old furniture and replace it with something fresh and new. Look for furniture that offers unique design features, instead of placing common, basic designs that are used in many office buildings and waiting rooms.

Make a Statement with the Furniture

This is moment to impress your clients, which is why it is so important to pay attention to the details. It might be cheaper to choose run-of-the-mill designs, but these basic chairs could potentially be costing your company money if they aren't setting the right impression for each person who walks through the door.

Look for bright colors that pop, unique designs with high backs or modern elements, and a style that is sure to please the eye. If you want to set your company apart from the competition, then you should be incorporating a contemporary, striking style with the furniture in the waiting room and other areas of the building.

Complimentary Pieces to Go With Visitor Lounge Chairs

Some people wonder if they should use a couch in the waiting room, and the best option is to have a lot of chairs instead of a single couch. Sometimes, people feel uncomfortable about sitting on the same couch as a stranger, so they will choose to stand instead of sharing the couch. Buying chairs instead of a couch will increase the number of seats in the room, and ensure that visitors feel comfortable while they are sitting.

In addition to choosing striking lounge chairs for the visitor waiting area, also look for matching coffee tables and reception counters. These pieces add a nice finishing touch to the room, and they make a great location to display pamphlets about your company or other reading materials for the visitors.

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