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The Value of Functional Office Design for your Business


If you have tried working in different office settings, then you’ve probably noticed how your environment affects your work. Office design is an asset that organizations can maximize to bring about major improvements in a company’s performance. People are in constant interaction with the space around them, and using it strategically has perks for your business.

The benefits of having functional office design

Investing in functional design for your workplace presents you a lot of benefits when done the right way. Most workers spend about at least a third of their day at work. It’s not a surprise then that the workplace can have a big impact on their professional lives, particularly on their happiness and productivity. Let’s look at the good things functional office design can bring to your businesses.

1. It’s good for productivity

Time is a luxury that you simply cannot waste. Functional design aims to boost productivity by giving employees what they need, thereby making it more convenient to finish their tasks.

Imagine an environment that requires a lot of collaboration like that of an advertising agency. The copywriter and the creative director need to work hand-in-hand in order to produce the best results, and it’s best if they have physical access to one another.

Providing them with open workstations in the same room would then prove to be a smart choice, since the setup allows easy communication. This becomes a different story if you put them in different rooms or cubicles. The physical barrier would mean that they need to spend additional time going to each other’s workstations which, when added together, could have been better spent on some other task.

The trick here is tailoring your office’s design to what your employees need. Some occupations may need space that allows collaboration, but others (like writers and programmers) would need closed space to lessen distractions and help them focus. 

2. It enriches the office’s culture

Office Culture, JP Office Workstations

Building a standout brand takes a lot of time. It’s not just about your logo or slogan; it’s everything that’s about you. One of the most important elements of your business is your employees. They are the driving force of the organization, making them one of the key touch points for your prospects. Cultivating their behavior and sense of pride in being part of the company then becomes a huge priority. 

This is where functional design comes in. Organizing your office’s interior in such a way that promotes your company’s values will help encourage your employees to create a culture that would move towards the fulfillment of the company’s goals.

Take Vodaphone in the Netherlands, for instance. Part of their success as the market leader in the Dutch mobile phone market was attributed to their innovative solutions, which includes workplace renovations.

Top executives remodeled their Amsterdam office to promote collaborative work better . They got rid of fixed workstations, acquired shared desks, built informal meeting rooms, and divided the building in fast, medium, and slow zones. This resulted in workers becoming more project-oriented as cooperation between them improved 

3It makes employees happy

JP Office Workstations

Google and Pixar are great examples of enterprises designing their offices not just for branding, but for employee creativity too. A pleasant visual environment can do wonders for employees as it helps them relax or come up with breakthrough ideas.

JP Office Workstations

Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, for example, are known to elicit creativity. On the other hand, cool colors like blues and greens are known to improve concentration. These colors can be exhibited through lighting, furniture, and the interiors. 

Getting the opportunity to work in such inspiring places will give people a feeling of pride, and the impression that the company cares for their well-being. This then creates a sense of loyalty, which makes employee retention easier.

Office design tips for businesses

Great office design may be a costly, but it will prove to be a great investment. Not only does it eliminate small hindrances while doing tasks, it also has the power to invigorate your workforce. You don’t really need to be included in the Forbes 500 to make this happen; even startups can design their headquarters effectively. Let’s look at these tips on designing your office:

  1.  1. Get as much natural light as possible
    Natural light is a major element in office design and layout since it can affect productivity. Think about it: How many times have you had headaches in your office while staring at the monitor all day?

    Using natural light leads to reduced eye fatigue and less headaches. That’s because our eyes were designed to work with the changing levels of sunlight, and not with the harsh continuity artificial light provides. Also, natural sunlight offers a wider color spectrum which helps us see details better, helping us with mundane tasks.

    You can get more sunlight to brighten your office by replacing some interior walls with glass where the light would come in, as well as using benching desks rather than those claustrophobic cubicles. This creates an open space where natural light can freely enter. 

  2. 2. Haven an employee lounge
    One good reason for people to leave their desk once in a while is that it helps them re-energize and come up with fresh ideas. This is because the subconscious needs to be in a state of relaxation to link certain concepts in unique ways. This then highlights the need for breakout spaces where your employees can loosen up.

    Breakout spaces give them the opportunity for socializing, allowing your employees to have better group dynamics.
    You can do this by emptying a room or space, then setting up bean bag chairs, a sofa, a coffee table, some books, a guitar, or some speakers--basically anything that your employees might look for in a relaxing spot.

  3. 3. Opt for ergonomic furniture
    Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are one of the most common and costly illnesses in the United States. This occurs when you’re repetitively placed in an awkward position while at work, which causes trauma in certain parts of the body.

    Among the common conditions that RSI leads to are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and back pains, since many workstations don’t provide enough protection for the back and wrist. This could potentially lead to reduced productivity, since some of your workers might not be physically fit to work well. This becomes worse when it gets to the point where they need an operation, and the company needs to compensate for it as it is a work-related injury. 

    It is then best to invest in pieces of furniture that ensure comfort. Most may be expensive, but it’s a small price to pay for your workers’ better health. A good set of ergonomic chairs and desks should give them good posture. You can also invest in a movable monitor arm that allows people to level it with their eyes which reduces the risk of neck pain.

    An office is the tangible representation of a company, and every decision with the workplace has profound effects on your workers’ behavior. It allows you to maximize their ingenuity and to inspire them to keep going for more. Overall, it will serve you good in the long run. 

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