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The Best Office Chairs for Under $200


Your office furniture is representative of your business’s identity. The tables, storage solutions, and chairs that you use will speak volumes about your capacity as a company, as well as the factors that you consider most important. Do you think that making a statement counts for the most? Invest in a dominating desk to intimidate people that enter your office. Do you believe in being environmentally friendly and sustainable? Invest in furniture that has a low carbon footprint.

Comfort is a prime consideration as well. However, some of the most ideal, ergonomic chairs cost upwards of five hundred dollars, with some models reaching in to the four-figure mark. For the cost-conscious among us, though, savings do not necessarily have to translate to reduced comfort. Here are some of the best office chairs for under $200.

1. Klass Mesh – High Back Typist

Klass Mesh – High Back Typist, JP Office Workstations

Most office jobs involve sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer. Combat repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome with this ergonomic mesh chair. Seat height as well as backrest height are fully adjustable, so you and your employees can tailor-make the perfect seating position. This chair is only $99 with no arms—add $40 and fully adjustable armrests will be included, to facilitate faster and more comfortable typing. The mesh backrest also ensures that users stay cool throughout the long workday.

2. Office Task Chair Medium Back “Revesby"

Office Task Chair Medium Back “Revesby", JP Office Workstations

For the simple, unpretentious office space, the Revesby chair is a prime candidate. Don’t let its clean looks fool you, however—this chair is fully height adjustable and the fully height-adjustable backrest allows for tilting, making it a comfortable chair for the office. The five-point star base enables maximum stability. Options include armrests, as well as a foot rest for architects, interior designers, and other design professionals.

3. Mesh Back Office Chair “Ryde”

Mesh Back Office Chair “Ryde”, JP Office Workstations

This chair has ergonomically designed backrest, providing full lumbar support. Plus, the backrest is covered in mesh, supporting your employees with a breathable material. The seat can rise up to 600 mm off the ground, letting practically anyone use it. The seats are covered in black fabric, maintaining the professional atmosphere of your office. You can also add optional armrests or a drafting kit to alleviate foot fatigue when seated at the drafting table.

4. Mesh Back Ergonomic Task Chair “Yarra”

Mesh Back Ergonomic Task Chair “Yarra”, JP Office Workstations

The Yarra chair will immediately make an impression with its eye-catching, aggressively modern design. From the skeletal detailing on the rear of the backrest, to the shorter armrests and the three levers below the seat, you know that this is a chair meant for getting things done. Every option is adjustable on this chair, including the back angle, seat angle, back height, and seat height, letting users customize their seating experience as they wish.

5. Office Chair Mid Back “Carlton”

Office Chair Mid Back “Carlton”, JP Office Workstations

Some offices are purely areas for productivity and output. In offices such as these, the Carlton seat is an appropriate fit. The all-black, patternless design is no-nonsense, and screams practicality. A fully adjustable tilt and lift function, controlled by two levers, accommodates all-day work without the discomfort. The foam seats are injection molded, aiding ergonomics as well. Options include arms in black or chrome, as well as a spider base for additional height, which is an effective combination with the optional drafting kit. Best of all, this seat is certified by the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute, for your comfort and piece of mind.

Of all the pieces of office furniture, chairs are among the most important. Unless you use and promote the use of standing desks, chairs are where you and your employees will spend half your waking lives and two thirds of your entire weekday. Your choice of chairs for the offices is almost as important as choosing the right bed for your home. Consider all of these options and factors well when selecting chairs for your workplace.

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