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​The Advantages to Having Plants in the Workplace


Is it beneficial to have plants in the workplace? Some offices prohibit living plants, because of the concern for cleanliness and maintenance. But, studies have shown that there are many benefits to having plants in the workplace, and here are a few reasons why you should add some greenery to the office:

Aesthetics and Psychological Benefits

Plants provide a simple way to improve the appearance of the office and reduce the look of boring cubicles and metal cabinets. Most offices have a harsh appearance, and the stale colored walls and furniture deter creativity. When greenery is added to the office, it creates a pop of color and offsets the bland tones that are often used in workplace furniture and walls.

Plants are especially beneficial near the main doors or in a reception area because the greenery adds a welcoming touch to the people who come to the office. Well-manicured plants create a good impression for everyone who walks through the door, including clients and potential employees.

Comfort and Health Benefits

Live plants are beneficial because they improve the air within the office. Additional oxygen is released into the air by the plants, and at the same time the plants absorb potential pollutants to clean the air. Plants can help overcome the stale office smell that is quite common in larger buildings, and they also add moisture to the air to slightly increase the humidity of the room..

Many people find that plants improve their healthy by reducing stress levels. When employees are more comfortable in the office, then stress levels are lowered which can have a direct impact on many physical functions, including decreased blood pressure and increased energy levels. As stress levels are lowered, it is common for employee productivity to increase at the same time.

Another element of comfort that can be gained with plants is that they help to absorb the noises of the office. Sometimes it can be aggravating to have small sounds echoing through the bare office walls, and plants help to absorb those sounds and create a little more privacy among people working in the room.

Better Productivity and Creativity

A research team at Texas A&M University found that there is a direct link between plants and productivity. These researchers completed an eight-month study that looked at people's ability to answer problem-solving questions in various environments. When the workspace was decorated with plants and flowers, both men and women showed a boost in their ability to generate original solutions and ideas for the problems at hand.

Adding a few plants to the office might seem like a simple solution, but it can be a great investment since plants can help to help employees be more productive during the day. If you want to gain these benefits, then it is important that you choose real plants instead of fake, plastic plants. Fake plants only provide the aesthetic benefits of adding a pop of color to the room, but real plants will provide the aesthetic and health benefits at the same time.

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