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Taking the Boredom Out of Your Boardroom: Tips and Tricks for Your Office Meeting Room


boardroom table

While every office has its own boardroom (or at least a room that works as one), not all employees look at it the same way. There are those who are blessed with a boardroom bedecked with all the furnishings the employees need, making them consider to work in there every day, while there are some who dread the mere thought of having to go to the boardroom.

Sometimes it’s a terrible experience that made them become wary of the meeting room, but there are also instances where they don’t look forward to going in for the simple reason that it doesn’t appeal to their senses. The walls could be drab, the table could be too small, and the whole cozy ambiance people expect to be there just doesn’t exist.

But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. These days, there are plenty of stores that offer stylish office furniture and equipment at an affordable price. While your boardroom doesn’t have to be as swanky as the ones owned by top 500 CEOs in the world, it pays to have a meeting room where your employees will be excited to go and really get to work. In addition, a furnished office also helps in boosting the morale of your staff which can lead to productivity.

Whether your boardroom can be categorized in either of the two aforementioned scenarios or somewhere in between, the point is, if you want to help your staff (and by extension, your company) stay motivated and look forward to meetings. One of the things that you can give them is a well-designed boardroom. If you’re ready to pull one off, here are some essential ideas that you need to consider.

1. The Round Table

Round Tables, JP Office Workstations

A tradition more popularly known for when King Arthur decided that the table he and his knights shared shouldn’t have a head seat, the round table is a good representation of equality among a group. By throwing in a circular meeting table in your boardroom, you can inspire the same virtue among you and your employees.

This kind of setup compels everyone to see each other’s faces, and it barely makes room for isolating anyone. On the other hand, your table doesn’t literally have to be a rounded one. You can also get a rectangular table as long as you position the chairs around it and that you’ll see each other face-to-face. Another option is to use an avant-garde table such as one that is shaped like a splat of paint or one that is custom-built with a chalkboard where you can all write and draw during meetings.

2. Cushioned Chairs

Cushioned Chairs

Not all meetings held in the boardroom are about good news. If, for anything, some assembly rooms are notorious for being the place where serious office problems are dissected and addressed, which then highlights the need for the room to be as comfortable as possible.

It’s one thing to talk about possibly distressing matters, but to do it while sitting on uncomfortable chairs can make you and your employees more uneasy. Give your boardroom a cozy vibe by rolling in some cushioned swivel chairs that match your table. If you and your team often hold meetings, it would be better if your seats have backrests. On the other hand, you can also use padded stools and pair it with a low coffee table.

3. Wall Décor

Office Wall Decor, JP Office Workstations

 room can never go wrong with a piece (or two) of carefully chosen work of art. A lot of offices stick with the usual such as paintings and posters, but you can give this a twist by making your team the subject of the artworks.

If you have a graphic artist on board, have him or her design a piece while incorporating photos of your team. You can also install a version of your freedom wall where everyone can doodle, draw, or pin printed photos. By giving your team a chance to express themselves through art, and yes even if they are not born illustrators, you can strengthen the bond between team members and you as their superior.

4. Filing and Storage Fittings

Rotafile, Storage Filling, JP Office Workstations

Despite our collective dependency on technology, PowerPoint slides, decks, and projectors, our reliance on paperwork is still pretty much alive. This calls for at least a stick of filing furniture in the boardroom where you can keep the most important files within easy reach during huddles. You can go for the typical installation against the wall because these take less space. But if you’re looking for something that is quirky, you can go for the Rotafile Storage which doubles as a shelf and a storage space for office knickknacks.

5. Presentation Equipment

Office Presentation Equipment

Regardless of the size of your office or your company, a complete set of presentation equipment will always come in handy, especially when you have trainings or guests giving you a lecture. Invest in quality appliances such as a projector, a television set, and audio system. Again, these pieces don’t have to be the most cutting-edge available in the market especially if you’re working on a budget. The important thing here is that there is something reliable you can use when the situation calls for it.

When it comes to decorating your office boardroom, don’t hesitate to experiment with colors, styles, and themes. Just make sure that you strike a balance between all of the elements. As much as possible, invest in furniture that will get you your money’s worth and are of great quality. Make the boardroom more fun to stay in by customizing it based on your company’s vision while incorporating personal characteristics embodied by your staff. This way, you can make everyone feel more involved and driven.

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