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​Standing Desks - Not Just a Fad Anymore


When standing desks were first introduced, many people assumed that they would quickly be a passing fad that would fade into history over time. But, as time has passed, this unique style of desk has grown in popularity. In fact, many people are seeing the health benefits that can be gained by using a standing desk, which is why so many offices are offering these desks for their employees.

Why Standing Desks Aren't Just a Fad

It might look cool to have an adjustable feature to move the desk up and down, and even though this feature can impress clients, you should use a standing desk for more reasons than setting the right impression with people who visit your office.

It has been found that when people sit all day, they have a higher risk of chronic back pain and injury. This problem is easy to solve: the person needs to move more frequently throughout the day. The difficulty is that many people are tied to their computer for 8+ hours each day, making it hard to get the movement that is needed to minimize back injury.

An ideal world would include a mixture of sitting and standing, and an adjustable height desk allows you to enjoy both of these positions during the day. A great chair is available to use when you need to rest your feet, and the desk can be quickly adjusted if you need to stretch your legs. Moving from a sitting to standing position won't impact your productivity, because you will still have easy access to your computer in both positions.

Forward Thinking in the Office Environment

Many companies are implementing wellness initiatives, which often involves the integration of stand-up desks into the work space. It is estimated that 50 to 70 percent of the adult population spends at least six hours each day in a seated position, and the endless sitting can lead to problems dubbed as the "sitting disease." Prolonged sitting has been associated with a number of health problems, including early mortality, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Companies want their employees to be healthy, which is why they are implementing wellness initiatives. By offering standing workstations to their employees, it is possible to quickly and effectively improve productivity among the workforce. Employees report higher levels of energy, improved focus, increased creativity, and better performance overall.

Types of Standing Desks

If you want a standing workstation, then you will see that there are a variety of desk designs to choose from. Everything from manual adjustments to automated motors that adjust the desk for you, as well as different colors and design features.

Another popular option is to incorporate the standing desk with a treadmill. When the treadmill speed is set to a low level, you can keep your feet moving and still have the ability to type and focus on the computer screen at the same time.

These desks are reasonably priced, especially when you consider the increase in productivity that is possible when employees have higher job satisfaction. The trend of using standing desks is picking up speed, showing the corporate world that stand workstations aren't a thing of the past-- they are here to stay!

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