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Setting Office Spark Plugs: 7 Ways to Motivate Your Employees


Motivate your employees

Sometimes, no matter how ideal a workplace looks and feels, and no matter how young or developed a company is, you just can’t help it when the inspiration dry spell walks into the office and greet certain employees. Whether it’s caused by collective work-related stress, domestic problems, or a sporadic desiccation of creative faculties, many of us are not immune to demotivation at work. While this is perfectly human, it can also affect our performance and the general atmosphere in the office.

On the other hand, being the humane manager that you are, you’re expected to welcome these changes and do something about them at the same time. Fortunately, there is an abundance of ideas when it comes to motivating employees. Here are seven ways you can do to help your employees bounce back from whatever setback that is hindering them to functioning like well-oiled machines.  

  1. Inspire a sense of ownership.

    One of the things that easily influence employees to become demotivated is their loose sense of accountability towards the company. Since they’re not exactly the owners of the firm, it’s easy for them to be disinterested in the matters pertinent to the office and just concern themselves with their tasks. While it’s important for every member of the staff to fulfill the requirements of their job, their concern about the company also plays a crucial role in maintaining the enterprise’s integrity. 

    Enable your employees by encouraging them to think like co-owners of the company and that its success ultimately relies on everyone’s superb performance. By giving them a sense of entitlement, it’ll be easier to push your employees to look after something that they own as best as they can.

  2. Compensate them sufficiently.

    Despite your employee’s passion for their job, the reality is all of them have financial concerns that need attending. It’s only logical that you recompense your staff with a salary that is commensurate with their skills and workload. You should also make sure that the overtime they rendered is paid and that their benefits are being covered by the company without fail.

  3. Share their ups and downs.

    Many see the corporate world as the “real world”, the one where not everything is pink ribbons and cream, and therefore we need to work hard to achieve our goals and become experts at our craft. But being the perceived real world that it is, we will still stumble upon drawbacks that we can’t always control, such as dissatisfied clients and financial crunches.

    Regardless of what your employees are facing, make an effort to be part of their celebration or distress. For instance, if someone in your department is promoted, show your sincere support to him or her. At the same time, express sympathy when there are members of your staff that are downtrodden or simply frazzled by their everyday tasks.

  4. Give rewards for positive results.

    While it is true that your employees’ foremost obligation at work is to deliver a job well done, it wouldn’t harm if you reward them for outstanding results even if it’s only through giving them a can of their favorite ground coffee or a book they’ve been waiting to be on sale.

    The point is, if you want to keep your staff inspired, give them something to look forward to like an attainable incentive or a prize for doing something beyond their job description. It’s all right to pamper your employees as long as you do it in moderation, and when it is only warranted by excellent performance. 

  5. Throw in some fun in the workplace

    Believe it or not, even the most dynamic and vibrant offices can be a little too busy at times that jaded employees tend to overlook their toys and trinkets displayed on their cubicles and along the halls. You can just imagine how an office with stark white walls, lighting that reminds you of hospitals, and silence of graveyard can be unbearable for any employee whom you wish to stay creative.

    To make your office more colorful, literally and metaphorically, decorate your workplace according to the season and enlist everyone to participate. You can also hold special events in random, such as setting a theme (think: Star Wars) and wearing identifiable clothes or accessories belonging to that theme. 

  6. Provide them an adequately-furnished office.

    You and your staff may be contented with whatever furnishings your office is bedecked with right now, but there’s nothing wrong with undergoing an office facelift especially when it’s due. 

    If you have the means to buy new sticks of furniture, plan a workplace transformation project and give your employees and yourself cozier cubicles and other work areas such as break rooms, pantry, and conference rooms. You can also do this one at a time—start with stylish  office chairs, then modular storage spaces, and so forth—until you’re able to undergo a complete overhaul. By making sure that your staff is comfortable while working, you can trust them to work better and be more driven.

  7. Give yourselves a break.

    You don’t have to be a country’s president or an employee who works at least 12 hours every day to deserve a break. Recreation is essential to keeping everyone’s sanity intact. And sometimes the best way to do it is by taking a break from all the work and just spending time away from the office together. 

    Whether you’re spending a Saturday in a theme park or going on camping trip in the woods, make it a point to give yourselves a well-earned retreat and spend a day or two not thinking about that deadline.

If you think about it, boosting the morale of your employees isn’t really hard. Some approaches may require you to shell out some money, but if you are creative enough and you enlist everyone in all your efforts, you will still be able to enjoy without burning a hole in the company’s pockets.

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