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​Replace Your Boring Computer Desk with Something Cool


There is no reason for you to sit at a boring computer desk all day long, especially because there are unique design features that can be integrated into your office to really make it stand out from the rest. You should select furniture that captures people's attention from the moment they walk through the door, setting the right impression for you and your company.

Here are a few things to consider when you are planning your new office:

Design and Style Preferences

Do you prefer a modern and sleek look, or would you rather have a large, elegant desk that sends the message of power and authority? Find images that portray the style of office that you are looking for, and then identify the right type of equipment that fits within your preferences. You might even consider the option to hire an interior designer who can choose the right decor and furnishings to match your tastes.

Many offices are moving to an modern design with sleek furniture and statement pieces. The concept of minimalism is a great way to create a forward-thinking environment, and impress your clients from the moment they walk through the door.

Slimline Office Desk

Office Space and Setup

One consideration is the size of your office and the way you want to have your desk positioned in the room. You might choose a basic executive straight desk, or a corner office desk if you need more surface space and you have a larger office to work with.

Also, don't forget the statement that you can make with your chair. A nice executive chair can be the perfect finishing touch to your office.

Unique Ergonomic Solutions

Modern offices can also integrate automated features that allow you to make ergonomic adjustments to improve movement and body position throughout the day. It can be hard on the body to sit in the same position all day long, which is why you should consider the option to utilize height adjustable desks.

These desks are designed to move according to your needs. You might start the day sitting in your executive chair while you are working at the computer. Then, when you are ready to stretch your legs, a height adjustable desk can be raised to allow you to stand and continue working at the computer at the same time.

Cheaper options for height adjustable features include manual adjustments that can be moved by hand, or you might choose the convenience of electrical tools that can be moved with the push of a button. A great companion piece of furniture is a sit-stand chair, that can also be adjusted to match the height of your desk.

Office and Home

It is important to make sure that your office is designed to be conducive to your work habits, and the design features should stoke creativity at the same time. Whether you spend most of your day in a corporate office, or you are a work-at-home employee or business owner, these office solutions can be the perfect answer to creating the office space of your dreams.

Beautiful, Healthy & Productive Workplace Solutions

We create beautiful workspaces that uplift the wellbeing & performance of people and business.

Through interaction and collaboration ideas are born. Our products & solutions encourage interaction and collaboration, allowing your employees to be more happy and productive.

Our furniture designs inspire your employees and help bring your Company's ideas to life by encouraging spontaneous meetings and discussions through bench-style and standing desks, social areas & open lounge seating.

When people feel better — they work better! Inspire and stimulate your employees by getting rid of cubicles and other barriers to interaction.

We offer furniture supply, install and office space planning & design services Australia wide, including: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth & Hobart.

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