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​Office Reception Furniture and Ideas


The reception area is the first thing visitors will see when they walk in the door, which is why you need to pay close attention to the furniture and accessories that are used in this area of the building. Creating a comfortable and inviting reception area can have an impact on your client's perception of the company.

When you are selecting the furniture, it is important to consider the way the reception area will be used. For example, the furniture in a pediatric waiting room will be quite different than the furniture that should be placed in an upscale financial office.

If you are buying furniture for your office reception area, these are a few pieces that need to be considered:

Lounges & Sofas

When people are waiting for an appointment, they want to sit down and relax during the waiting time. Lounges and sofas provide a comfortable place to sit, and they also set the design style for the rest of the room. If your waiting area is frequently used, make sure that the couches are durable against the everyday wear and tear that will surely happen.

modern reception design


When people are sitting on a chair or couch, it is nice to kick up their feet while they are waiting. Reception Ottomans are a great solution to provide a place for people to rest their feet, or an ottoman can also be beneficial as a place to set a purse or backpack. If the waiting room is designed for children, the ottoman can be a great spot for the children to read a book or play with their toys.

Tub Chairs

Individual chairs are an essential part of every waiting room, especially because people often prefer to have their own chair instead of sharing a couch with several other strangers. Tub chairs are functional and stylish, providing each client with a comfortable place to sit while they are waiting.

reception tub chair


It can be beneficial to have a receptionist in the lobby area, to assist with directions and coordination. The reception desk will be approached and noticed by many people who visit, which is why you need to ensure that the desk is both stylish and functional. Consider the way the desk space will be used, and choose a desk that is large enough for the daily activities.

Groove reception desk


Whether you are storing magazines for your clients to read, toys for children, or educational pamphlets, it is essential to have the right reception storage space and equipment to keep everything organized. With so many people moving through the reception area each day, it is likely that storage items will be knocked out of place and become disorganized. High quality storage equipment can make it easier to keep everything in place, in order to maintain a clean and orderly appearance in the room.

Look for racks to store magazines, bins to hold toys, or shelves to display products that are available for purchase. Consider the needs of your reception area in order to select the storage furniture that will be the best fit for the area.

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