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​Office Kitchen for Employees: From a Hidden Kitchen to a Beautiful Space for Gathering


Food is an important part of our culture, which is why many companies are evaluating the effectiveness of their office kitchens. For many years, the goal was to keep the break room out of sight, hidden away in a dark corner of the building, with the goal to prevent employees from lingering away from their desks.

A New Perspective

Now, forward-thinking companies are seeing the benefits of offering a creative space where employees can gather. A well-designed office kitchen can be beneficial to impress clients, boost the morale of employees, and encourage communication and collaboration among the team.

At home, the kitchen is an area where people naturally gather, and it tends to be the focal point of the house. A high quality break room can have the same effect, resulting in an area where employees can connect with others and engage in conversations related to their current projects.

Design Features of an Office Kitchen

In the past, the break room area has stereotypically been a sterile room with a fridge, microwave and coffee maker. The small space was designed to cover the bare necessities, but people didn't often linger. On the other hand, modern break rooms are being designed to make people comfortable so they will congregate in the public areas and interact with other people in the company.

Some companies are even creating an open office without assigned work areas, allowing employees to move their workstation to any location in the building. The kitchen can be designed with plenty of natural light, great coffee, comfortable chairs, and functional tables to make it easy to work in an area that allows collaboration among the team.

New kitchen design trends might include interactive activities such as a pool table or air hockey, different types of tables and chairs so that employees can choose something they are comfortable with, or a variety of drinks and snacks provided by the company. Often, the break room area is located near a lounge, with casual seating areas where employees can kick up their feet and brainstorm together.

Better Communication and Creativity

Having a convenient and fun break room increases the likelihood that employees will bring their own lunch, or they will order take-out into the office instead of eating at a restaurant. This space allows employees to have a change of scenery, so they can leave their offices and continue working.

The area can be used for fun gatherings, such as watching the big game on TV. Or, it can also be used for team meetings or casual conversations. The space is designed to bring people together informally, which increases communication among all of the employees.

Some business owners and management can see the value of having a great place for their employees to eat lunch, and it has been said that the design of the break room and commons areas can have a direct impact on the overall success and productivity of the team. In An upgrade to the break room can boost creativity, which in turn increases company revenue.

Beautiful, Healthy & Productive Workplace Solutions

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