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​Modern Office Design Trends in 2015


The New Year is a perfect time to set resolutions and goals, and one of your goals for the year should be to implement modern design features in your office. The design style of your office will have an immediate impact on your clients and business associates, which is why you need to set the right impression by incorporating updated design elements in your furniture and decor. These are the hottest office design trends for 2015:

Mobility and Open Office Space

The era of being chained to a desk all day long has passed, and forward-thinking companies are seeing the benefits of providing their employees with mobility. Tablets, smart phones, and laptops allow the office to move with the employee, which is why you need to cater your office design accordingly. Create a flexible office space, allowing your employees to setup their workspace in an area that is comfortable to them. This design trend is to keep the office space open without assigned areas, to encourage movement and mobility among all of the employees. Buy office furniture online to access a greater variety of furniture.

Updated Design Styles

The classic, luxurious designs are outdated and old-fashioned, and you need to incorporate a classy, contemporary, retro design if you want to impress each person that walks through the door. Fresh colors and exotic themes should be utilized to create a space with a unique personality. Colors and patterns are especially important to integrate a blend of textures and shapes, which are the key elements to a modern theme.

Mixing Old and New

One of the unique elements of modern design trends for this year is the concept of "upcycling" materials, such as salvaged wood and metal. New ideas can be added to a classic, urban design to create a fusion of style that is unique and comfortable at the same time. Look for ways to add a variety of textures, including wood accents and velvet fabric, mixed with the stylish and industrial metal furniture and finishes.

Dramatic Features

Stunning accents are a foundational piece of these modern office design trends. Instead of boring walls and a bland palette of colors, colors and shapes can be used to create an unexpected "pop" of style in the room. These accents should be used in moderation, because too many colors or patterns can make the office look busy and stressful.

Live Plants and Organic Themes

As you are incorporating a contemporary design style, look for ways to add organic undertones. Live plants can be the perfect way to soften a retro, contemporary style. The bright colors and patterns make the office fun and inviting, and live plants create a comfortable atmosphere that make people want to stay for awhile. Many offices are opting for an eco design, to help their customers see that they are environmentally aware.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Another modern design trend that is sure to make a statement in your office is to implement an environment of simplicity. Instead of loading the tables and desks with too much decor, spaces are being cleared to create a minimalist effect. Technology has made it possible to get rid of the usual office clutter, allowing people to maintain workspaces that rely on computers and smart phones instead of stacks of paper.

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