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​Modern Office Design Trends - Cubicles are a Thing of the Past


When you think about an office environment, many people default to an image of endless rows of cubicles and dazed faces staring at computer screens. For many years, offices were structured with small cubicles or offices, built in a way to maximize space and fit many employees into a small area. Modern technology and design is now transforming this concept, and forward-thinking offices are moving towards different design styles.

Here are some modern office design trends that are gaining in popularity:

Collaborative Environments

Office space can be designed in a way that encourages collaboration between employees. Instead of individuals sitting with their head down in front of a computer screen, employees are encouraged to stand up and move around the office.

Wall horizons can be lowered to encourage communication between employees, white boards and pin boards are installed on large walls to provide a creative space to brainstorm, and frameless glass increases the visibility among everyone in the area.

Open Workspaces

Instead of gray cubicle walls between each computer, offices are designed to be open to allow visibility and communication between employees. Some of these design elements might include alternative work areas which are shared by multiple employees, wide open spaces, focused work areas, activity areas, and team gathering rooms.

One effective way to open up the work space is by using interior glass walls instead of solid walls. The glass allows natural light to flow from one space to the next, makes each work space more visible to other people in the office, and facilitates better communication since employees can see each other while they are working.

Dynamic Interior Walls

Certain types of interior glass wall systems allow the space to be used dynamically, so that the areas can be closed off into smaller offices or opened into a larger meeting space. The dynamic aspect of movable walls is a good way to adjust the environment depending on the activities that are going on at any given time. Sometimes, it is beneficial to have a large open space where the group can gather. Other times, it is nice to close off smaller spaces so that employees can focus on a project without the distraction of other people nearby.

Technology Integration

Office design is about more than just furniture and walls, because there are design elements that can be used to effectively integrate technology into the work stations. The advantage of integrated technology is the fact that employees can use specific tools to boost their productivity and efficiency during the day.

Examples of integrated technology include features such as tablet or smartphone docking stations, projectors for team meetings, large monitors to increase screen space while working, and built-in cameras to facilitate Skype and Facetime conferencing.

Improving Work Satisfaction

As you can see, there are various design trends that are revitalizing a boring office space and making it more conducive to employee interaction and creativity. If you feel as though your office has stagnated, then it is time to add these design elements into your office so that you can improve job satisfaction for everyone who works there.

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