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Modern Boardroom Table Design (Part 2)


Boardroom Conference Table Single Post

Boardroom Meeting Table, JP Office Workstations

Sometimes, all you need is a table that serves its purpose well. A conference table that lets all the pertinent members of your staff hold meetings regardless of the situation, and one that allows for meetings of any sort, informal or formal. The 'Adapt' Single Post meeting table will blend in well in any office space. Highly finished cast aluminum components and sophisticated mechanisms give this table unparalleled aesthetics and functionality.

At JP Office Workstations, our goal is to help our clients improve their office aesthetics, design spaces that foster inter-staff relationships and most importantly, deliver workspaces that reflect your company's brand and values. The Adapt conference room table is a worthy embodiment of this philosophy. With a sleek and modern design, this table can 'Adapt' to any conference or meeting room environment and will not look out of place in the most modern of office spaces.

The 'Adapt' conference room table is among our most customizable tables when ordered stock— the only set major dimension is its 715-mm height. We offer three set sizes—3600 mm by 1200 mm, 5400 mm by 1200 mm, and 6000 mm by 1200 mm—that let you order the table that will fit best in your own office space.

The table is topped with a 25-mm white melamine surface, supported by a black powder-coated frame and polished alloy feet. Complement the aesthetics of the table by including our executive high back meeting chairs and office boardroom chairs.

Large Boardroom Table Chrome Base

Lard Boardroom Table Chrome Base, JP Office Workstations

Large Boardroom Table Chrome Base, JP Office Workstations

Modular design is in. JP Office Workstations offers a large boardroom table that can be as large as you need it to be. With a base table size of 3.6 meters by 1.8 meters, you can use this system whether you need a 15-, 20-, 30-, or 40-person boardroom table. Simply take several of our tables and arrange them together to create one long table that can seat as many people as you need. 

And it’s not just the length of these tables that can be modified. The unified design of this featured table will let you make a bigger table in any configuration, whether L- or U-shaped—or really, any other letter you desire. Whichever table shape you need, for that conference, meeting, or even the annual office party, these tables will meet that demand.

The secret to this modularity is the base. Accented in classy chrome, the legs of the table can angle outward or parallel to the edge, which will depend on the table’s location in the arrangement. Will the table stand alone? Angle the legs 45 degrees from the corners. Will the table be on one end? Angle the legs on one side 45 degrees, and those on the other end straight, to facilitate docking. Steel connectors hold tables together to facilitate stability.

Take a look at our large boardroom table with chrome base, and you’ll find that it will easily adapt to whichever situation will call for it (and its duplicates). While our modular table is customizable enough out of the box, we’re here to help should you need proprietary sizes.

Boat Shaped Boardroom Table 12 Person

Boat Shaped Boardroom Table 12 Person, JP Office Workstations

Rectangular meeting tables are, quite frankly, pretty square. They bring to mind images of drab conferences that get nowhere, and trying your hardest to pay attention while an accountant drones on and on, telling you the latest sales figures.

Boat tables change the dynamic of the conference table entirely. True, they still have four sides, but these are gently convex, letting everyone seated get a better look at the people they’re meeting with. It’s an effective compromise between a round table, which is optimal for making everyone heard (but is a big space hog) and a long rectangular one, which is much more staid and formal (and is easier to fit in a traditional office).

Our 12-person boat-shaped table is topped with a 25-mm high-pressure laminate top with a matching ABS edge. Choose between 16 different tabletop colors, including parchment, young beech, and titanium, to best reflect the aesthetics of your workplace. The table is supported by stylish aluminum feet that are height adjustable to better fit your office anthropometrics.

A maximum length of 3 meters and a maximum width of 1.2 meters mean that this table can fit even in the smallest of offices. Optional built-in power and data ports facilitate productivity. If our default specifications don’t quite meet your needs, let us know. This table is fully customizable in terms of finish, size, and shape. Glass tops, timber veneers, or solid timber tops are also options. Call us at 1300 735 310 and we’ll help you craft the table you desire. 

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