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Looking to Save Space in the Office? Rotafile Round Storage is the Solution


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In any office, space comes at a premium. A good location is ideal for any successful business, and that means getting premises at an easily accessible part of town, where your employees, clients, and customers alike can reach you. Unfortunately, office spaces in these hot spots are expensive, and when you do secure the premises you want, you’ll need to maximize the space you have.

Sure, you may have allotted the right amount of space for your workstations, possibly even grouping certain employees together at one big desk (this, of course, promotes collaboration and communication among your team, leading to better ideation and output). You’ve also allocated that nice corner space for yourself, the boss. You have a reception area where visitors can feel welcome, and a recreational room for your employees to relax, unwind, eat, and generally chew the fat.

But you may have forgotten one crucial space: that for records and documentation. Although the information age has made digital documentation and record-keeping ubiquitous, with cloud storage options to store all of your important files in redundant systems, there’s something to be said about the tangibility of physical records. Who doesn’t love a good binder filled with contracts, plans, and contact information? Lots of information, particularly photographs, just have that much more impact when viewed on paper. Reference materials should also be kept on-hand for quick and easy perusal.

An office that keeps the records that it should will eventually find itself wanting for space. Even though most of them are integrated into walls, bookshelves take up much more space than they should. Rotafile Round storage cabinets are the solution to this space problem. 

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Rotafile: Efficiency, flexibility, and durability in one shelf

The Rotafile Round shelving takes the usable volume of a traditional bookshelf and puts it in the most efficient space possible—a circle. Binders, folders, books, and portfolios are placed in these circular shelves like wedges of an orange, allowing for a storage solution that is not only efficient, but also catches the eye.

Furthermore, the round shelving units are modular and configurable. You can have one level of shelving on a table, for example, or expand that to an up to six-level shelf that stands alone. Its universal, modern design makes it fit in any contemporary office, and its small footprint (the largest units are 93 cm in diameter) lets you put it practically anywhere on your premises.

You’ve got flexibility as well. With Multifile variants, each individual level can rotate on its own, whereas with the Compactfile systems, the entire column moves as a unit. Each system has its benefits and drawbacks, but choosing is a matter of personal preference.

Despite its striking, movable design, the Rotafile system is durable as well, with each level able to support up to 90 kg, which means you can put the densest, heaviest volumes you’ve got without fearing a collapse. And unlike traditional bookcases, you can dynamically adjust how tall the entire column will be, either to your desired height or for maximum stability. Each level is of uniform size, with raised edges, helping ensure that your binders don’t fall.

Rotafile Round storage systems come in a variety of configurations, from single-level table units and floor units that range from two to up to six levels. You have a choice between two sizes of shelves— 80 cm (24 binders per level) and 93 cm (32 binders per level), resulting in an up to 70% space savings when compared to older storage models.

With Rotafile round storage solutions and smart office layout planning, you can create a workplace that allows its users—you, your employees, and the people you serve—to flow freely throughout the space. Having files that are easier to access, and take up less space to boot, lets you take full advantage of the limited space that you have.

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