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Introducing Adjustable Solutions in Ergonomics


Introducing ergonomic and adjustable solutions to your work force or home office has many benefits: improved performance, decreased fatigue, less likelihood of potential injury and overall improved wellbeing. Every body type is different - a different shape, size and height. In today’s modern workspace one size does not fit all. The development in adjustable solutions is a breakthrough in this field, reinforcing the idea that office solutions need to be as innovative, changing and flexible as the workers who inhabit them.

Adjusting your posture to reach the keyboard, straining your neck to see the screen at just the right angle, contorting your shoulders and neck so you can take notes while you take a phone call; these are all common occurrences for anybody who works in an office, or office-type environment. These common behaviours lead to aches, pains and discomfort that modern ergonomic designers have been working to combat. Instead of adjusting yourself to fit your working environment, it will adjust to better fit you.

Over time the humble office chair has evolved into a supportive selection of seating, designed to fit different kinds of body-types. These new developments boast features such as: multiple adjustment locations, special foam types to improve blood flow to the legs and kneeling chairs which bring your body back into correct alignment and alleviate pressure from your spine. Ergonomic furniture design has expanded out to change the way we interact with our desks as well. No longer are desks stationary objects that we need to adjust our seating to, hopefully, fit within; desks now come height adjustable and ready to accommodate workers who wish to alternate between sitting and standing as they work. Designers have taken the push for office comfort and well-being a step further, introducing solutions to meet most modern workers’ needs, such as adjustable monitor arms to keep your screen at the ideal angle for your vision and fully adjustable articulating keyboard arms.

The future looks bright for the development of adjustable ergonomic equipment as more and more businesses learn to make employee wellbeing a priority. Industries that were formerly focused on fitness are getting on board and bringing their unique insights into the workplace. Technologies from the world of health and fitness are bringing creative and innovate solutions that blend health and wellness with the working environment. One such product breaking into the market through a number of different designers, manufacturers and stores is the yoga chair; an adjustable chair built around the structure of a yoga-style balance ball. Perching atop one of these hybrid balance-ball chairs encourages perfect posture and engages your core muscles, all while you reply to emails and sort through daily paperwork.

Moving toward employee wellbeing in an office or workstation environment is a growing industry, full of innovative people coming up with new ideas that continue to improve the way we work. Utilising these tools to provide for ourselves, our co-workers and our staff is investing in a safer and more comfortable work environment. This ultimately leads to a happier group of people and improved performance in your workplace. 

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