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​How to Create a Collaborative Workspace Design in Your Office


Gone are the days of bland cubicles and boring workspaces, because forward-thinking companies are making the move to implement collaborative workspace design in their offices. If you are looking for an effective way to boost employee morale and improve productivity, then you need to consider the environment in which your employees are working. Here are a few factors to consider for your office design:

Have a Variety of Features Available

People have differing preferences during the work day, which means that a one-size-fits-all approach isn't the best solution to boost employee creativity. For example, some people prefer to have a quiet office where they can focus on a project without interruption, while others like an open and collaborative space with many other people in the same area.

Provide options for your employees, such as whiteboards, standing work stations, couches, desks, projectors, and bench seating. Creating a flexible environment will allow employees to setup their work station in a manner that makes them the most comfortable, and the comfort will lend itself to collaboration and communication with other people in the area.

Open Up the Office

Interior walls close off communication and keep employees separated from the rest of the team. Instead of building office walls or high cubicles, it is better to open up the space by installing low walls or glass walls. An open office allows natural light to move through the different work areas, and it creates a way for employees to easily see each other while they are working.

It has been found that when the office is open, it creates more of a team environment. People feel more comfortable approaching their coworkers and managers, making it easier to have regular conversations to support the projects they are working on.

Build in Natural Gathering Areas

When everyone is sitting at their assigned desk, a natural occurrence is to have an impromptu meeting at someone's desk as people gather to talk about a project. It can be uncomfortable to gather around a small desk, and there are more chances of interruptions if an email pops up or a phone call comes in. These impromptu meetings can be much more effective if there is a gathering space that attracts groups, such as a large open table or a group of couches and comfortable chairs.

Another option to consider is to build in dynamic spaces that can be adjusted according to the needs of the group. For example, indoor partitions can be used to section off rooms if smaller meetings are needed at the same time. In other situations, larger group spaces might be needed, and the space can be easily converted by moving the partitions to the side to open up the space.

Making a Change in Your Office

Employee collaboration and communication should be a foundational element in your office, because this collaboration allows the ideas to flow and improvements to be made in the business. If your office is structured the wrong way, then it could potentially hinder communication and stifle creativity. You can quickly change the environment and boost employee morale with an office redesign to create a collaborative workspace.

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