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Dynamic Office Space - The Benefits of Alternating your Workspace


From changing up your posture through to having separate environments for different tasks, recent studies have been showing the benefits of having a series of different workspaces. Benefits to your employees range from improved productivity through to less workplace injuries. 

Expecting one workspace to fit all tasks, people and situations is an outdated concept and ultimately leads to frustration and reduced productivity. Bodies don’t respond well to being in one position for a prolonged period of time, whether that position is sitting, standing, good or bad, people need to move to maintain optimum health for their muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.

It’s becoming increasingly common to step into an office and spot staff at a range of workstations that diverge from the traditional idea of an office space. Sit to stand desks are addressing the physical needs of human bodies to move around, chairs can be replaced by sitting balls, sofas, art and other creative boosters are increasingly appearing. Technology is becoming more lightweight and portable, allowing workers to take their laptop or iPad with them over to the sofa when the urge arises. 

Making small changes in the overall atmosphere in the office can have profound effects on workers wellbeing, not just in the office but even on their days off. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine have been exploring the effects of reduced sunlight on sleeping habits. They have shown that people working in offices without windows are not only less physically active during the day but sleep on average 46 minutes less on nights they have worked. 

Even more surprising was the find that windowless offices don’t just affect us on work nights, the effect spills over into our health and wellbeing on days off too. Adding more windows might be one of the most beneficial changes you will ever make to your indoor workspace.

If restructuring your office to allow for more windows, or adding furniture, aren’t in the current budget then simple changes to the way the office functions will still make a difference. Try setting up an outdoor space for people to go and make phone calls, or put in a few comfortable bean bags or sofas for staff to use when they have reading to catch up on. Encouraging workers to move around the office, and get outside, has far reaching benefits beyond just those of productivity. Especially in creative and knowledge worker professions changing environment and mixing things up can be the key that provides the creative spark.

The future of dynamic working environments isn’t just limited to within the traditional office space, architects Ju-Hyun Kim and Euno Cho of Juhyunkim Architecture PC suggest the future for open plan workspaces is to move out into the grass and have workers hot-desking from parks set up with large tables for working, and enclosed (yet fully transparent) glass meeting rooms for when more privacy is required. 

Coffee shops are evolving into shared workspaces, integrating wifi, power points and even meeting rooms. The income of these hybrid cafes now comes from desk rental rather than cappuccinos, and you are more likely to spot up and coming CEOs and innovative business people than ever before.

The way people work is constantly evolving, and office spaces, furniture and trends are following suit. Allowing, even encouraging, staff to move around and engage dynamically with their working environments is beneficial not only to the staff member, but also to the office vibe and feeling as a whole. 

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