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​Activity Based Working - An Effective Way to Boost Employee Productivity


Cubicles aren't the office standard anymore, because there are a variety of ways that the workplace can be laid out in order to boost employee productivity. Traditional rules and assumptions about workplace design are now old-fashioned, and an office re-design makes it possible to rejuvenate your office and improve the environment for the team.

What is Activity Based Working?

The concept of activity based working is the idea that employees don't have an assigned workstation. The larger work area is shared by the group, and there are a variety of workspaces with predetermined activities which allow the team to socialize, collaborate and focus on various tasks at hand.

Instead of assigning cubicles or offices to each employee, companies are making the change to activity based work spaces to facilitate a team-oriented environment in the office. These offices spaces are very dynamic, allowing teams to adapt to the situation and optimize their systems.

In some situations, the work spaces are limited to the office, and employees have the flexibility to move around within the walls of the building. In other situations, for example reception areas, there are fewer limits, allowing the employees to complete their work by answering emails from anywhere or booting up their laptop from an off-site location with a WiFi connection.

Cubicles vs. Activity Based Working

When employees "own" a cubicle, they have an assigned space in which they hold responsibility for the area. One of the biggest problems with cubicle working is the fact that people are so isolated and team members don't have a lot of face-to-face interaction with other people. Much of the employee's time is spent in front of the computer screen in isolation, and this setup can reduce creativity and decrease production.

On the other hand, activity based working allows employees to interact more since they are sharing common space within the office. Creativity is boosted when people can have frequent interactions with other employees on the team. Additionally, it is much easier for an employee to complete small tasks from another location, because they have access to their work tools through a laptop or smartphone.

Advantages of Activity Based Working

Studies have shown that activity based working can bring several advantages to an office. Employees are happier, because they can change positions and move during the day. For example, someone might choose to start the day in a seated position, then move to a higher adjusted workstation so that they can stand while sending emails.

Other benefits include an increase in performance, better productivity, easier access to colleagues and managers, reduced maintenance and cleaning fees for the building, a boost in company collaboration, improved work satisfaction, and better camaraderie among employees.

Modern technology has made it possible to create a dynamic environment in the workplace, which helps to boost the bottom line through cost-saving measures and increased employee productivity. If you are looking for a way to boost your company profits and encourage your teams to work together more effectively, then activity based working might be the solution that you need in your office.

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