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A Practical Office Moving Checklist Before Moving Your Office to a New Location


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Moving from one workplace to another, along with a bunch of your office supplies and furniture, can be time-consuming and stressful. This involves careful planning and scheduling to make sure that everyone can adjust to the new environment and be comfortable in it as soon as possible.

To make sure that everything falls into place, get a checklist like the one below that consists of practical reminders and tasks that will serve as your guide in preparing for before, during, and after your relocation.


• Estimate a budget dedicated for the move and the cost of not operating during the day or days of move.

• Notify current landlord beforehand that you are planning on moving out of the premises to settle payments or avoid any misunderstanding.

• Inform employees when you are going to transfer to your new office location so they can adjust their workload to the schedule of moving out.

• Bring with you the floor plan of your present office while inspecting the new location.

• Have an access to a blueprint of the new office and figure out how you can work with the dimensions considering your previous setup.

• Carefully examine the new place to see if it needs final touch-ups like painting before the actual move.

• Also check if there are limitations you have to adjust to such as when the building where your new office will be located is closed during your planned date of transfer.

• Survey the space and finalize the seat plan.Propose a layout on how you are going to arrange furniture in your new office space. Determine where you want to place computer units, cabinets, and workstations.

• Reserve elevators and passageways ahead of time to ensure that other tenants in the building are informed of any inconvenience they may encounter on that day/those days and prepare for it.

• Order new office furniture, supplies, and equipment you may need.

• Notify contacts and suppliers that you are changing locations so they will not be confused on where to find and contact you. Important people you should inform include, but is not limited to, your clients, the bank, companies you have a professional relationship with, telephone and Internet service provider, and newspaper and magazine you have existing subscriptions in.

• Change locks/access codes on new premises as close to moving day as possible to secure access.

• Divide employees into teams and delegate work per team. For example, one team will be responsible for the chairs while the other team will take care of cables and wiring.

• Inventory current furniture and properly label each furniture and boxes to avoid misplacement and losses. It would be better if they are color-coded for easy monitoring.


• Make sure that employees are doing the assigned tasks. Stick to the plan so that everyone can get back to work as soon as possible.

• Install telephone lines, lighting fixtures, and Internet connection. If you have coordinated with an expert beforehand, the better.

• Make sure the placement of office furniture and equipment are located near sockets. Carefully unpack and place furniture and equipment on their designated areas.


• Set a schedule and assign staff for cleanup.

• Get acquainted with the new office location. Distribute maps and list of phone numbers so that everyone will be familiar with the environment they will be working in for the coming days.

• Check the new office setting to see if there are repairs that need to be done.

• Test if all installations are working perfectly. If not, contact an expert immediately so the concerns will be attended as soon as possible. Transfer bank accounts to the nearest branch to avoid the hassle of going back and forth to its former location.

• Announce to your contacts that you have successfully moved your office to its new location and that you are ready for business transactions.

No matter what the reason is for moving out and starting a fresh phase in a different location, consult this checklist to make sure that everything falls into place. Every big move needs preparation and dedication so people can go on and start working as usual.

Feel free to add some more to this checklist to make it your own. Good luck in relocating, and don’t forget to come back and comment if this list has helped you in any way!

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