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​A Guide to Workspace Lighting


It is important to consider the lighting within each area of your office, because lighting can have a direct impact on the mood and productivity within the office. The types of lights that you choose for each space can promote better performance, boost vitality, improve employee creativity, and change the mood of the room.

When you are planning the lighting for each area in the office, it is best to consider the way the space will be used and then adjust the lighting accordingly. Gone are the days where every room has boring fluorescent lights in the ceiling, because there are better lighting solutions that improve the design and functionality of the office space.

Reception Area

The lighting in the reception area will have a direct impact on a person's first-impression of the company. If a client or potential employee walks into a poorly lit reception area, it will immediately have a sobering effect on their mood and attitude. On the other hand, a brightly lit area will improve their mood and make them feel good when they walk in the door.

The lighting in the reception area might even impact the person's perception on the cleanliness of the building. For example, if the room is dim, then the shadows might hide grime and dust in the corners and on the furniture. On the other hand, a brightly lit room will highlight the art on the walls and the lighting encourages better cleanliness since everything is very visible.


The boardroom needs to be well-lit, and it can often be beneficial to have adjustable lighting to cater to the needs of the meeting. If you are showing a presentation using an overhead projector, then it can be beneficial to have the ability to turn off the lights in a certain portion of the room. These adjustable lights will allow the brightness of the room to be changed depending on the activities that are being performed.

Office and Desk Lighting

Dim lighting in your office can result in a situation where your eyes are straining all day, causing headaches and tired eyes. Often, these problems can be easily overcome by improving the lighting in order to facilitate the visibility of your computer screen.

Many people prefer to have a combination of overhead lighting as well as a lamp near their computer, in order to add light that is coming from several different angles. If you have cabinets or cupboards above your desk, then you might consider under-cabinet lights to brighten up the dark space that is shadowed by the overhead storage areas.

Breakout Areas

If your office has breakout areas of group collaboration, then you need to cater the lighting to match the way the space will often be used. For example, if a breakout area has a large whiteboard for brainstorming sessions, then you might place a few spotlights that shine on the whiteboard in order to facilitate the visibility of the board throughout the room.

As you are exploring lighting options, you will see that there are many varieties of lights to choose from. Each office and room is unique, which is why you should consider the way the room will be used in the order to choose the right lighting solution for the space.

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