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7 Fantastic Breakout Room Designs You Can Pull Off In Your Workplace


Breakout Room, JP Office Workstations

A well-designed workplace is an ideal venue for excellence to breed and flourish, and this goes for virtually every office that exists. Whether your headquarters is among the world’s top 100, a space leased in a commercial district, a house that you turned into a full-fledged salt mine, or a spare bedroom which you transformed into a home office, it is crucial that the office is stimulating enough for workers to deliver an outstanding performance on a daily basis.

This is why many business owners rally their resources, both tangible and intangible, to provide their employees (or themselves) an office that keeps their creative juices pumping and make them look forward to working well.

But the thing is, it’s not only the actual workspace that contributes to people’s productivity. In many cases, this also pertains to the cranny where they take breaks. A job may depend on physical labor or mental calisthenics; nevertheless, employees may be more motivated when they see that respite is something that’s on their superiors’ priority list.

If you’re the kind of boss who makes it a point that your staff is allowed the time and given the facilities to gather their bearings when the tension builds up in the office, here are some ingenious break room designs that you can get inspiration from.

1. Langland (United Kingdom)

Langland (United Kingdom), JP Office Workstations

While moving to a brighter and better headquarters in Windsor was the apparent goal of advertising agency Langland, the bigger picture they were looking at was to make room for a higher corporate ambition: to make an impression and accommodate their growing army of creative people.

To ensure that their staff’s creativity is consistently on a roll, Langland had their break room designed to look like a cookout staged inside a minimalist classroom. With its vivid red picnic benches placed across a wall of chalkboard, employees can easily write down ideas that pop into their heads while they’re having lunch or having a coffee break. They can also leave notes to colleagues in the well-lit room or hold a brainstorming session when the conference room feels too formal for fun.

2. Professional Testing (Florida)

Professional Testing (Florida), JP Office Workstations

A firm that specializes in providing services of assessment, evaluation, and certification, Professional Testing might initially come off as a company that lives in utter stringency. But if you visit their headquarters in Orlando, Florida, you’ll see how these academics translate their energy and vigor to their office interior.

Take, for instance, their break room. The layout is inspired by a classic cafeteria setup but the bar is a refreshing addition to what most employees have for a canteen. The spread of primary colors and the wide windows also help in livening up the place, making it an exciting room to unwind in or a place to think and work when employees crave a change of scenery.

3. Disqus (California)

Disques (California), JP Office Workstations

After blog comment hosting service provider Disqus underwent some major office overhaul 2012, their San Francisco HQ screamed of progress, innovation, and creative liberty. To inspire creative freedom in their breakout room, Disqus opted for low wooden picnic tables to be installed against the red brick interior of the room. The cushioned seats and easy chairs are there to relax employees, while the walls are decorated with several pieces of fascinating artwork.

This room is also connected to the kitchen and the bar so employees are free to dine while loosening up after a hard day’s work. To add a layer of cultural inspiration, white and red paper lanterns are also hung apart from the fluorescent lights that keep the room aglow.

4. Infosys (India)

Infosys (India), JP Office Workstations

One of the leading names in the ceaselessly growing industries of information technology, business consulting, software engineering, and outsourcing, Infosys is known not just for their expertise in the aforementioned fields but also for their swanky command center in Karnataka, India. Proof to this claim is their eight-lane bowling center where employees can play to their hearts’ content.

5. VMWare (Beijing)

VMWare (Beijing), JP Office Workstations

Cloud and virtualization services expert VMWare has offices scattered all over the globe. Knowing this, some are surprised to find out that all their offices are luxurious and equipped with possibly everything that their employees would need.

Their Beijing office, for instance, is known to a lot of interior design experts including their playful break rooms. One of these rooms is furnished with a kitchen complete with all domestic devices employees can use. Across its countertop is a foosball table. In the other break room, employees can play Ping-Pong then quench their thirst afterwards as a couple of vending machines and a refrigerator full of refreshments are close by.

6. Vocus (Maryland)

Vocus (Maryland), JP Office Workstations

Marketing software giant Vocus has conquered its share of the market by excelling in designing cloud-based PR and marketing software. But what not many people know is that they’re also doing a superb job in making their Maryland office a posh dwelling. Their break rooms are as a good as an actual sports center for they are equipped with a basketball court, pool table, and a Ping-Pong table all of which are at the employees’ disposal.

7. PopCap Games (Seattle)

PopCap Games (Seattle), JP Office Workstations

The minds that brought you addictive games such as Bejeweled, Bookworm, and Plants vs. Zombies have every reason to be creative as they are given not just offices that incite hard work but also a break room that hollers, “Play harder!” The place where they relax and put their feet up is filled with things you can find in an arcade, and its plush carpeting will easily make you feel like you’re already home.

To stage rooms like these will surely take time, but if you have a clear picture of what kind of space you want and invest in its realization one day at a time, you will, in the right moment have and enjoy your own marvelous break room.

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